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Discover the power of transformation through nutrition. Witness the incredible results of real people who have achieved their goals and transformed their lives, and be inspired to take the first step towards your own transformation journey.



- 23 kg

I've lost 23 kg, no longer suffer from fibromyalgia pain or need medication, and my self-esteem and overall health have improved immensely. I couldn't be happier, and I owe it all to you. Thank you for changing my life!


- 13 kg

I wanted to make a real change in my lifestyle without sacrificing the foods I love. I also wanted to be more active, knowing that “food and exercise go hand in hand for a longer and healthier life”. I reached out to Leticia, who gave me several options and planned something specific for me. It was exactly what I needed! Although I didn't intend to lose weight, it was a natural result of my new lifestyle. I committed to following the plan and exercising regularly and after 2 years, I can say that my life has been transformed.


-7% body fat mass

I'm vegetarian and my goal was performance, muscle gain, and fat loss. I lost around 7% body fat, and my performance has significantly improved. I even started another strength sport, which I couldn't have done before due to my poor eating habits. Letícia's meal plans are very personalised and due to this approach, I no longer feel like I'm on a diet; it's a lifestyle where I've learned to make healthier food choices. I highly recommend it, as it has been instrumental in achieving not only aesthetic but also health results being a vegetarian.


-5 kg in 3 months

When I heard about Letícia, I thought I should give change another chance. In this year of changing habits, I feel like a new person. It goes beyond the over 5kgs I've lost in the last three months; it's more about quality of life and understanding what I've been putting into my body. Being a vegetarian and having the support of an incredible vegan professional made a 100% difference. I'm happier because I changed my mindset.

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